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Re: [BKARTS] bookcloth / Ikegami

In the Asian art conservation labs I've toured, the karibari are all
covered with remnants/skinnings of previous backings.  They're not
really seen as being much of a problem.  There's really no need to clean
the whole board of paste residue every time.  The paste will be very
minimal. Also, the 'thick paste' margin mentioned in section 24 only
needs to be a half inch or so to provide the necessary grip for tension
while drying.  The paper tab 3/4- just big enough to slip a narrow
spatula into the margin to facillitate release.  What is thick paste?
Well, in my opinion it's thinner than mayonnaise- just starting to run
when your paste bowl is tipped.

-Doug Sanders

>  "24.  Brush thick paste along the outer edge of the backing paper
>   around all four sides, and attach a paper tab to the center of
>   one long side.  (This will facilitate removal from the drying
>   board later.)
>   25.  Reverse the backed fabric sandwich onto the drying board,
>   brushing the four pasted edges down well.  A piece of plywood may
>   be substituted for the special paper-covered drying board shown
>   here."
>Are you supposed to try and remove the excess
> paste?  Just keep working over it?  Sand it down?  Replace it when
> the surface gets too uneven?

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