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Re: [BKARTS] bookcloth / Ikegami

Most of the time I also use Sekishu.  It's strong, lightweight, doesn't
stretch excessively when it is wetted out with glue or paste, and it's
usually not expensive.  If, however, when I want a lighter weight
product with less density, I have used medium tengujo, but that will
not be as durable.

I have bought a lot of paper from Hiromi Paper International.  They are
in Santa Monica, California, service is fast and reliable, and shipping
is less costly than from the east coast.  Contact them at
<www.hiromipaper.com>, <washi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or (310) 998-0098.

Carol Pratt
Eugene, OR

On Tuesday, April 12, 2005, at 03:19  PM, Don Rash wrote:

Christian Spinillo wrote:
This raises another question for me when it comes to making your own
and that is, what types of tissue are good for backing?  Where do you

I use Sekishu (a medium weight Japanese paper)for backing cloth,
although I'm sure there are lots of other papers which would be

You might want to call New York Central Art Supply (1-800-959-6111) and
have them send you their current paper catalog. Even if you never buy
anything it's a great reference.

Don Rash

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