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[BKARTS] spine lettering

Hello all you knowledgeable book people out there.
I am hoping someone can offer a suggestion: I would like to put some
nice gold/faux gold lettering on a piece of book cloth. This sounds
simple, and it might be, the caveat is that the piece of book cloth
will be @ 20 feet long and @ 1 foot tall. This is for an art piece and
ideally will resemble the kind of font and style one might find on the
spine of a proper classic encyclopedia. The title on this "spine" will
be a long one and in order to have it look properly proportioned and
readable from a distance, that means the letters should be at least 1.5
inches tall and widely spaced.
My question then is, is this possible to do? How so? I have no
experience at all in tooling and stamping. How much might this cost? Is
this something that could be done by a commercial printer or is this
best done by an experienced  bookbinder? Is it possible to tool/stamp
letters that big? Would anyone be interested in doing this and if so,
how much would someone expect to pay for this?
If anyone is interested in offering their services, they can contact me
off list at mc.tanner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you all.

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