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[BKARTS] German Primary Headband Questions

Paula Young writes in Bookbinding & Conservation By
Hand, 1995 p.110:
"German Style Headbands.  The type of headband where
every stitch is carried into the book--usually
referred to as German style--is probably the strongest
and most durable, but it takes longer to work.
Reputedly it was not introduced until the early
twentieth century, so it probably should not be used
on older books."

What do others think about this?  My first thought
where does she get this idea?

Then is it NOT appropriate to sew a german primary
headband on a 15th or 16th century book, and be
sympathetic to the historical structure?  And if it is
appropriate can a binding then serve as an model for
future considerations of rare book treatments?

Then how does a conservation binding stay sympathetic
to the historical structure?

Part two may be:  what is the history of the german
primary headband?

Thank you.
Daniel Winston

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