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[BKARTS] Book Arts Program- Salt Lake City

Below are listings of some of the Book Arts Program's summer 2005
events. Spaces are still available, hope you can join us!   For more
information please contact Jen at 801.585.9191 or

Show and Tell: Of Booklore and Book Madness
June 2nd, Thursday, 5:30

Bookmaker Hedi Kyle talks about her life with books, a venture beyond
the accepted methods of her day job as a book conservator. Inspired by a
wide range of historical book forms, she thinks of her books as
liberated objects that have escaped their expected function but still
reflect the intrinsic characteristics of tradition. Her amazing
dexterity and ingenuity with papercraft is inspired by her innate love
and understanding of the medium.  Among the most influential and
pioneering artists in the world of contemporary bookmaking, Hedi Kyle
developed new book structures and forms which were adopted by publishers
and printers of fine art books as well as by individual artists and K-12
teachers. Kyle integrates conservation bookbinding with conceptual art
and various forms of printing technology, inventing new book structures
which have been widely disseminated. This hands-on lecture, with models
of Kyle's book structures, enables participants to get a close look and
understanding of a great artist's work. Exhibitions are free and open to
the public.

Speaker: Hedi Kyle, Pennsylvania
Place: Marriott Library, Gould Auditorium, 1st floor

Yes, But Can She Type? The Remarkable History of a Typographer 
June 23rd, Thursday, 7:00

The Book Arts Program and the Utah Center for the Book present the sixth
annual History of the Book lecture. Beatrice Warde (1900-1969) was an
American typographer who spent much of her working life in England.
There she became a member of the male-dominated circle of the
typographic and printing professions in the 1920's. Working as a
librarian for the American Type Founders Company, she pursued research
in typography and the history of printing. In 1925, she and her husband,
esteemed book designer and typographer Frederic Warde, moved to London
where she assisted the famous typographer Stanley Morison. In 1927, she
became editor for The Monotype Recorder and a strong advocate for the
power of the printed word. Warde's acclaimed "Crystal Goblet" essay,
written in 1930, began a discussion on the role of typography in book
production that continues to this day. Through her writings and
lectures, she invited and encouraged everyone, regardless of their
experience, to aim for the highest standards in printing and typography.
She was instrumental in bringing typography out of the specialized
circles in which it had resided for centuries and into the public
consciousness. Please join us for the fascinating story of this
remarkable woman's life. Shelley Gruendler was born in North Carolina
and attended graduate school in England. She works at the St Bride
Printing Library in London and is the co-organizer of their annual
typography conference. She also works as  a designer and typographer in
North America and Europe. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Speaker: Shelley Gruendler, Vancouver
Place: The City Library, 210 East 400 South 

Creating the Crystal Goblet: Typography's Transparence
June 24th & 25th, Friday & Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00 

In 1930, Beatrice Warde gave a lecture in London emphasizing that
neither typography nor design should interfere with the reader's
experience of the text. Using Warde's essay as a foundation,
participants investigate the theory that the most successful typography
is transparent. Through discussion, develop reactions to the metaphoric
essay and create various typographic solutions for a short text.
Participants typeset their solutions in metal, print broadsides on a
letterpress, and leave with a copy of the class portfolio. This is a
wonderful way to hone typographic and layout design skills with the
world's foremost expert on Beatrice Warde's honored "Crystal Goblet"
theory. A chance not to be missed for typographers, designers,
typesetters, and printers of any skill level.

Instructor: Shelley Gruendler, co-instructor Marnie Powers-Torrey
Place: Book Arts Studio, Level 5, Marriott Library
Workshop Fee: $140
Materials fee: $25

Edition Bookbinding
August 19th and 20th, Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-5

The Guild of Book Workers, Rocky Mountain Chapter and the Book Arts
Program present Priscilla Spitler in a workshop focusing on the unique
problems associated with multiple or edition binding. Beginning with a
prototype casebound book, working from specifications, time-saving steps
are introduced including the construction and use of jigs for more
efficient and consistent production. The workshop focuses on the
importance of good planning, developing specific steps to carry through
the binding process, and teamwork. Creating a reasonable bidding process
and cultivating a professional relationship with printers, publishers,
or other clients is also discussed in detail. Participants learn that
edition binding can be quickly and efficiently accomplished with great
results. Priscilla Spitler received a BFA in printmaking from the
California College of Arts and Crafts, with a special interest in
lithography and letterpress printing. She received a certificate of
craft bookbinding from the London College of Printing. She worked as a
printer and binder at the Press of the Palace of the Governors, Museum
of New Mexico and then for Craig Jenson at BookLab, Inc. in Austin,
Texas, where she concentrated on edition binding. In 1995, she
established Hands On Bookbinding and specializes in small book and box
editions, and fine binding.  

Instructor: Priscilla Spitler, Texas
Place: Book Arts Studio, Marriott Library, 5th floor
Fee: $140 for members, $150 for non-members
Materials fee: $30

September 29th, Thursday, 5:30

Artist Karen Kunc's work in woodcut prints, etchings, and artist' books
is a visual transformation of seemingly mundane forms from her everyday
environment - both wild and cultivated - into rich, resonate images with
deep content. The processes become metaphors for her creative concepts.
The result is a sense of life lived the world over - how work is done,
how nature is shaped, the accident and design of the eternal life
struggle. Karen Kunc, proprietor of Blue Heron Press, has been making
unique bookworks and limited edition artists books for over twenty-five
years. She is Cather Professor of Art at the University of
Nebrask-Lincoln. Kunc is recognized for her large scale, elaborately
colored, abstract woodcut prints and her parallel investigation into the
expressive possibilities of the  book form. Her work is held by many
public and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art (New
York City), the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, and
the National Art Library of the Victoria and Albert Museum (London). She
has taught many workshops the world over. Lectures are free and open to
the public.

Speaker: Karen Kunc, Nebraska
Place: Gould Auditorium, Marriott Library, 1st floor

Color Reduction Woodcut
September 30th and October 1st, Friday 9:00-5:00 and Saturday 10:00-5:00

The approach in this workshop is not tradition-bound, but inventive -
incorporating contemporary, creative methods that are spontaneous and
simple. The expressive medium of woodcut printing is introduced and
explored through demonstrations and discussions of cutting techniques,
oil-based inks and modifiers, and printing by hand as well as
letterpress. Participants design their own images and cutting blocks and
then print the images using a variety of methods, making inspired
discoveries along the way. Beginning and advanced woodcutters are

Instructor: Karen Kunc, Nebraska
Place Book Arts Studio, Marriott Library, 5th floor
Fee: $140
Materials fee: $45 (includes take-home tool set)

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