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Re: [BKARTS] Bibliographie in French

I'm looking for some good titles about bookbinding (techniques and
> history) in French, any thoughts?


Diderot & D'Alembert's IMPRIMERIE - RELIURE Recueil de Planches, sur les
sciences, les arts libéraux et les arts méchaniques aves leur explication.
2001 et al.  About 80 pp.  Size:  about 12" x 9".

Of the complete encyclopedia of 1776, this is a facsimile of the volume of
plates, with French text.  This part of the encyclopedia deals with paper
making, printing and bookbinding.  Hundreds of illustrations of tools,
processes and equipment, including engravings of some nice standing
presses.  Many of the classic bookbinding and printing workshop scenes one
sees in other bookbinding books are taken from Diderot, such as the
illustration used on the front cover of the Dover paperback edition of Edith
Diehl's 'Bookbinding'.  Plenty of copies available on the secondhand

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