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Rupert Hart-Davis Limited: A Brief History With A Checklist of Publications
has just arrived at Oak Knoll!

This incredible 96 page booklet written by Richard Garnett, was reprinted
from the pages of The Book Collector. The work begins with an interesting in
depth history of the eclectic British publishing firm found in 1946 by
Rupert Hart-Davis. This complete history of the post-WWII publisher tells
the entire story of the publishing firm. From each title they published, to
the finances they dealt with, this thorough book unveils the history of
Rupert Hart-Davis. These pages portray Rupert as the man he was. The success
of his firm was not measured financially, but in well edited, and well
produced, non-fiction books. The second half of the work consists of an
invaluable 637 title bibliographical check lists of all the books published
by the firm from 1947 to 1963. This title would be of interest to all
enthusiasts of publishing history and The British printing arts.

Check out Rupert Hart-Davis Limited at the following link:


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