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Re: [BKARTS] German Primary Headband Questions

There is a good book put out by the Bibliotheque Nationale de France called
Les Tranchefiles Brodeés... According to it, the headband described as
German by Laura Young and also Jane Greenfield seems to be a simplified
(single-cord) version of what they call the  Tranchefile Royale, dating from
Henri II of France (1547-1559), or Greque et Royale headband, used earlier,
in the 15th c. There are colored threads over a cord bâti, or base. I have
seen books from the 1500-1600s using the double cord version that still look
great. I am definitely not a scholar of this subject, though, so I may be
way off in making this connection.

For anyone interested in learning more complicated (and very, very old)
headbands, and who is not intimidated by French language instructions, I
highly recommend the book.

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