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[BKARTS] Springback Construction

Thanks again to Peter Verheyen for the graphics and explanation of Richard Baker's Account book presentation. I have a question about the spring itself for Peter or anyone else with experience. I've taken apart a few springback bindings, from 20 pound county ledgers down to (this week) the community records of a nunnery. The spring or spine itself has always been very thick, of roughly the same thickness as the boards, and has also been only a semi-circle ending just past the shoulder, without the "C" shape for "gripping" that the above-mentioned article describes. So first, I'd welcome any comments on the presence or absence of the "C" shape of the spring, not present in the few examples I've seen. Second,it seems to me that the spring construction Baker and Verheyen describes (of cardstock with paper lining) would be of inadequate thickness for any but the smallest of ledgers, and I'd welcome any comments on this. The text does say "For larger books, this can be increased"!
 , but is there a better way to write up the making of the spring? The spine thickness question is very much related, I would guess, to one's ability to crimp that "C" shape in... virtually impossible to do neatly in anything thicker than cardstock.

I'll add that in the past, I've been able to simply reuse the original spring, but that for this current project, enough guarding was needed to make the original a little too small. Rather than follow this portion of Verheyen and Baker's sketch (which is, I should add, an excellent and very easy to follow treatment), I cut heavier bookboard to the right size, soaked it for 20 minutes, and then wrapped it around the right diameter tube, leaving it to dry. This worked great... the job is done, leaving only questions about the best way to construct the spring.

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