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Fran ... please point out the inaccuracy (your word) in the Museum Security Network's posting. If you can not point out the inaccuracy then I think you should withdraw the charge and apologize.
If Paul Werner is unable to document his charges then they too should be withdrawn and he should apologize. "Feelings" alone don't cut it when making what amounts to an assault upon another's professional standards.
It seems hardly fair to complain that they are "incomplete" postings just because they do not contain all of what you perceive as relevant data. Certainly anyone wanting more information need only Google the story. My goodness, the most recent MSN posting even included a link to the Hindu Times!
I don't recall you being barbqued on list. I do recall that you made some rather startling and unfounded assumptions about and denunciations of a library and its staff and that these were corrected by others on list. At the time I thought that this was done much too kindly.
Your use now of the phrase "lower class scum" when nothing in the initial posting (check the archives please) suggested such a thing only betrays your own prejudices. These may or may not be well founded but they are hardly the responsibility of anyone else. Best, James


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