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Re: [BKARTS] messages to Book Arts-L from museum-security.org

Just to make a few things clear:

- I do not object to the museum security postings

- I DO sometimes have questions about their content, which can be
lacking information. I object strongly to any shoddy journalism (No
Matter Its Source), and i object strongly to materials that are
incomplete when they purport to be.

- I have not personally insulted Mr Cremers by making this critique,
and been clear about that, though he seems to feel that insulting me
off-list is now a worthwhile thing to do.

- I have apologised at length and with great deliberation with
regards to a rather hasty choice of words.

can that please end it? can Mr Cremers please stop emailing me
privately to insult me personally?

thank you.
fran sendbuehler

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