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[BKARTS] Book_Arts-L Privacy and Use Policy

From the FAQ at


You are responsible for all postings made by you, or from your account.
Please think before you post anything inflammatory which you may regret
having posted later on. If it's confidential, do not send. All postings are
copyright to their respective poster, but should be thought of as a
publication in Book_Arts-L and its Archive. Your post goes to at least 1500
of your closest friends, and all messages are captured for the Archive.
Once in the Archive they will not be removed.

The Permanent Archives are also kept at Stanford University on a web site
at URL: <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byform/mailing-lists/bookarts/>.
These archives are courtesy of Stanford University Libraries, who set them
up and maintain them. As with any web based resource, the Stanford archives
are often available on other web sites because of the activities of web
robots or other search engines. By subscribing to Book_Arts-L, you
acknowledge that you understand any message you post or anything said about
you is public information, may be spread over the entire world by way of
the world wide web, and that anyone with a web browser may access the
Stanford archives. Once archived, messages become part of the historical
record of discourse in this field and will not be removed from the
archives. No exceptions.

In order to protect the privacy of subscribers, no membership information
will be made public, though the posters identity and email address will
become part of the permanent record in the list archive.

Please stay on topic, no politicing, and avoid unnecessary replies to the
entire list. Your local mailhandler REPLY mechanism may direct your message
to the entire list or to the person who sent the message to which you are
replying. Please be sure you know the difference. You may wish to use
FORWARD, MAIL, or SEND rather than using REPLY. Misdirected messages,
especially those of a personal nature, are a source of amusement to list
members. Please do not to admonish the offender (That's my job). We all
make mistakes. Let's just try not to make a habit of it . Besides, it just
creates even more annoyance for everyone else. And finally, above all
remain civil to each other. Virulent, personal, attacks of any kind will
not be tolerated. While I very much believe this list functions well, I
will not hesitate to impose cooling of periods (via nopost / review) and
for habitual offenders removal.

Please include your name and affiliation (if any) in your message for
identification, as email header addresses are often unhelpful. Ask your
local guru about "signature files," which automate this function.

Should you change your email address, or if it is changed for you, you must
unsubscribe from your old address and resubscribe from your new one. The
Listowner can assist you in unsubscribing from your old address but cannot
help you sign on. If you have difficulties establishing your subscription,
please do let the Listowner know. The subscription process itself is automated.

These instructions last updated November 11, 1999.

    The Bonefolder: an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist

            For all your subscription questions, go to the
                     Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.

                 Both at: <http://www.philobiblon.com>

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