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Re: [BKARTS] security/postings

A couple of my libraries are open 24/7 during most of the school term.
The biggest issue is the accumulation of garbage, and from my point of
view (being preservation concerns) that a greater percentage of that
garbage is food remains or food containers.

This has meant a significant work load increase on the custodial staff
and the number of visits by the pest management company, as well as
adding more security staff, which all has budgetary impact. I suspect
the administrators didn't fully budget for these added (permanent)
expenses at the time. Furniture, carpet and computers wear out faster,
too, and must be replaced more frequently.

In the beginning there was also greater anxiety of my part (because I
must repair damaged books), but we have not seen a dramatic increase in
damaged or vandalized library materials nor furniture. Students are much
happier, and I firmly believe they do less destruction when they are

Though we did have one prank case of students piling up walls of books
in front of and blocking the elevator doors. It took a day of reshelving
to get them all back in their place!

Ann Frellsen
Collections Conservator
Preservation Office
Emory University Libraries
Atlanta, GA  30322-2870

-------- Original Message -------- there are plans to allow all students and faculty in to use the library 24/7 - when there are no staff at all, just with key access.

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