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[BKARTS] Book@rts, a Journal of Advanced Publishing Concepts, No. 2

Book@rts, a Journal of Advanced Publishing Concepts
Contents: http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts

A few years ago, I announced Book@rts, a Journal of Advanced Publishing
Concepts, which I said mainly consisted of my own work and would be
expanded later on. Well, later on is here. It's still all written by me
(and mostly about me), but at least I do glance at the work of other

The story about Gordon Inkeles latest product, "Sensual Massage on a
String," raises some questions about what a book is or can be. Were
Gordon a book artist, we'd probably have no problems. He wants to call
his work a deck. I call it a book -- because I am a book reviewer. We
book reviewers don't do decks. Either way, it's a genuinely useful
product that is definitely a book-like work by an artist.

In "Digital Incunabula" I discuss how digitally-produced books can be
book art (or at least my kind of book art). While many of the
subscribers to Book_Arts-L seem to be concerned mainly with craft
issues, such as binding, I'm interested in content as a visual
statement. Can a print-on-demand book be considered book art? Look at my
work and decide for yourself.

In a few days, I will continue this theme with a description of how I
converted a full-color handwritten novel into a black and white
print-on-demand paperback. It's not simply a question of scanning pages,
believe me

Meanwhile, I cordially invite you to look over my current offering. I
eagerly await any submissions, too. There's no payment (of course), but
you will have the thrill of being published by Book@rts, a major
consideration I'm sure.

Book@rts, a Journal of Advanced Publishing Concepts
Contents: http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts

Gordon Inkeles and the Sensual Revolution of the 1970s
I can still remember the exhileration I felt in 1972 the first time I
saw Gordon Inkeles' visually and socially revolutionary book "The Art of
Sensual Massage."

Digital Incunabula
Incunabula are works from the earliest days of printing -- "of the
cradle." Today, we're in the cradle era of new forms of publishing that
change the way people are making books and thinking about books.

Deconstructing Hunter S. Thompson
Was he the literary version of Cheech and Chong?

The Inquisition Strikes Back
One of the prisoners was an old incontinent man supporting himself on a
walker as he wandered the Guantánamo prison yard weeping.

Tabletop Publishing
How to make a paperback book on your kitchen table with common household
tools and materials. You'll need Adobe Reader (free download) to view
this illustrated story.

A Minor Miracle in Oaxaca, 1982
"See, Don Julio, here are the screens," Chalo said. Lalo beamed positive
ratification. Sodden ashes of doubt began smothering the anxious fire in
my chest. It was clear they hadn't seen screens in this shop in many a year.

Sponsor: Cancun User's Guide 2005
The first edition of the Cancun User's Guide was probably the first book
written, designed, printed and bound in Cancun. To get a feeling of what
that was like, read the story above first.

JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1764 77501-Cancun Q. Roo Mexico
Mad Laughter, Fragments of a Life in Progress
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