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[BKARTS] regarding a story

I have been interested in illustrating a particular story for quite some
time.  I mentioned it on this list one before.   For a while I thought that the
story had been written by the author who first introduced me to the story and I
did, as some on this list recommended... I tried to contact him regarding it.
  After doing a little research, I discovered that the story is actually a
well known chinese parable.  I would like to illustrate it and publish it, if
possible... staying close to the  version I first heard, but using my own words,
obviously to avoid any copyright infringement.   I believe source where I
found the story is out of print and I fear that the author may even be dead. I've
sent letters to his former publisher and to two organizations with which I
think he may have been affiliated, so that I could communicate directly with him.

Since the parable is not ascribed to a particular person, I believe I can
rewrite it and illustrate it with a clear conscience now, can't I..?  I would
wish to attribute to him nonetheless, since he was my original source... based on
a retelling by... etc.

Any feedback would be welcome.


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