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To Ms. Judy Delgago who wrote:

<<Are you sure you want to live in Tucson?  We had a
friend there and visited for a few days and probably
had every possible negative adventure one could
have......oh, wait, we missed the rattlesnakes....:-)
Actually, there are lovely spots, but MAN, it's HOT in
the summer!!!>>

Hey Judi, I think we should hire you for the "Don't Move to Tucson" campaign!!  There are SO many people moving here and most Tucsonans would like to see the population go down, not up.  You could help us a lot!!  You have a great start here (you  even remembered to mention the rattlesnakes). Don't forget to bring up the scorpions that wait patiently for bare feet, the javalinas that eat up gardens, and the coyotes that like to come into town and eat your kitty cat for a midnight snack. 

Under no circumstances mention Patrice Baldwin's book arts workshops available here in Tucson, or the vibrant arts scene, the international film festival just over, or the world-famous artists who live here, or the lively book arts group (http://paperworks.info), or the Sonoran Mexican cuisine, or the border nearby, or the starry nights, or the sublime winters, or the dramatic and beautiful sky-islands landscape which has inspired painters for more than a century. 

Yes, Judi, please do help us with the "Don't Move to Tucson" Campaign because we can use all the help we can get.

who has her tongue firmly in her cheek in Tucson, Arizona

P.S. and for anyone looking for a position teaching in China like Patrice Baldwin's, take a look at this website - YingwenTeach.com  (another one of the things to not mention about Tucson)

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