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[BKARTS] Publishers Binding Catalog Update

If you have received more than one copy of this, please forgive
the cross-posting.

The catalog of American Decorated Publishers' Bindings 1872-1929
now has 365 entries in the database, and 155 images are online. The
installation views are freely available at

The earlier (incomplete) version of the checklist with about 200
partial entries and 30 images is at

The printed book is on schedule for 2006 publication in a Deluxe Edition,
a Limited Edition, and a CD-ROM. Pre-publication discount subscription
information is at

If the current rate of subscriber interest continues, the Limited
Edition may be sold out before publication. Please note that the
current pricing expires this Saturday, April 30, and a price increase
takes effect May 1.

While the book is in preparation, subscribers have passcode access to
the website with the complete checklist and all the images, as well as
the illustrated essays as they are written. Last week the section on
book covers depicting motor cars before 1911 became available.

Currently I am working on two sections, one on the Asian influence,
and one on the influence of Will Bradley's radical 1894 design for
_In Russet and Silver_.

Several of the titles have disappeared from the online listings during
the last few weeks, and better copies of some others have become more
expensive, so perhaps the collectors, dealers, curators and librarians
who have subscribed are finding the online catalog useful. I might have
to write something about the economics of this, as I tried to get another
copy of one title today that was $20 last month and could not find one
offered in as good condition for under $125!


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