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[BKARTS] binding single sheets

I have a structural technical question.

I'm making a case-bound book for a client who is
providing a printed text block of photographs with
full bleeds in single sheets (about 100 pages). I've
decided against double-fan gluing and perfect binding
and have opted to over-sew 3/16" in from the spine.
The problem is that my client's endsheets are also
printed as single sheets (due to printer limitations).
I've made a dummy and the problematic variable of
single endsheets is obvious when you open the book and
spy the tiny drilled holes visible between the cover
and first page.
Is there some sort of hidden hinge technique that I'm
not thinking of that could solve this (while taking
into account the full bleeds of the photos which span
the pages)? or is it really a matter of opting for a
more appropriate binding style?

While I am gluing the text block before sewing, I am
hesitant to commit to an adhesive-based binding for
this project as I fear missing a sheet. Perhaps I
should overcome this fear with proper technique?
Though I'm not certain that would actually solve the
problem in the end anyway...

Thanks for any suggestions.
- Deb

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