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[BKARTS] Christopher Weimann: A Tribute- New digital propectus now available

Greetings fellow list members, and please excuse any cross-postings of
this message.

A newly enlarged and enhanced digital prospectus for the limited
edition in honor of the late paper marbler, entitled Christopher
Weimann: A Tribute, is now available. It is in an Adobe PDF format
totaling nearly 2MB by writing to Ms. Ingrid Weimann directly at

This new prospectus features book reviews by book historian Nicholas
Barker and paper marbler Tom Leech, along with more images of marbled
papers and stencil-marbled paintings created by Weimann. The edition
includes a series of essays by scholars and fellow marblers, and his
wife Ingrid.  A full reprint of an article in Fine Print, which has
since become a rare and expensive publication, has also been reproduced
in entirety.  Weimann was very well known for his research and
reproduction of a distinct genre paintings in India, often associated
with Deccan region of southern India during the early to mid-17th

Weimann faced enormous challenges, beginning with a pervasive
preconceived notion among many scholars that these paintings were cut
and pasted together using a method of collage or decoupage.  Weimann
was convinced that such works were created through the application of
cut paper stencils and gum resists to a sheet of paper.  These sheets
were then marbled, and in some examples the entire process was repeated
several times, each time blocking out different areas.  In many
examples, additional features were hand-painted over top to complete
the painting, while at least one other example was used as a background
for intricate calligraphic compositions.

After extensive research and experimentation, Weimann successfully
recreated several of examples.  He then presented some examples to the
late Dr. Edwin Binney 3rd, who possessed a number of original examples
in his collection.  Impressed with Weimann's efforts, he gave
permission, having convinced the museum staff of the Los Angeles county
Museum of Art of the importance, to have three of the paintings
scientifically examined.  This work was performed in the Conservation
Department of the Museum, and as a result, Weimann was able to
convincingly prove through microscopic analysis that his theory
regarding the manufacture of these paintings was indeed correct.  More
research and analytical work were planned, but his efforts were cut
short by his untimely death in 1988.

This book would be an indispensable asset to any University, Library,
or Educational Program with library collections related to the Arts of
the Book in general, and Islamic and later Indian art in particular.
The original tipped-in samples of Weimann's work, together with many
high quality reproductions are easily incorporated into classroom and
workshop curricula.  No other published work is currently available
that covers the subject of these incredibly rare works to this degree.

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