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[BKARTS] books for the visually impaired

When I was into making heavily textured paper, I made a book esp. planned for the sight impaired...the pageswere molded or embossed and handcut in an abstract shape.  The shape was devised to fit within a "found container".It was titled "Take a Shape".  Content was a quote of Jasper John's "Take a Shape, Do something with  it,Do something else with it.  That is Art." Another, a "shuffle book" (i.e. unbound pages, no planned sequence) is called ""Searching for a Trace" after an idea from Derrida.  The pages are almost entirely the texture created from manipulating the pulp in the vat.Both books can be seen on my website, www.artonandofpaper.com. Hope this idea helps your student.Sincerely,Jean Marvell

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