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[BKARTS] Critical Issues in The Bonefolder

Kia ora tatou (Greetings all)
I was thrilled to get the latest issue of The Bonefolder and have been
dipping through my printout for a couple of days.  I just finished
reading Critical Issues/Exemplary Works by Johanna Drucker and am
bursting to have a conversation about it. Given my isolation from other
book artists (here at the ends of the earth in Purua, Northland,
Aotearoa New Zealand) I am hoping to kick off such a conversation on
this List. I'm excited about Ms Drucker 's ideas and the cultural
structures that they will potentially engender.

I've already deleted a paragaph of modest disclaimers regarding my lack
of authority to participate in (let alone start off) conversation about
the parameters and categorisation of artist's books.  Suffice to say
that my first thoughts on reading Ms Drucker's stimulating essay were to
see if under her criteria I would be considered a 'book artist'. I'm
satisfied that I am not a complete and total fraud, though acutely aware
of what a novice I am both in terms of my technical skills and my
exposure to theory and other's practice (except in photographs).

Once I got over my fear of exclusion, I then assessed some of my work
against the proposed critical terminology outlined in the appendix.   I
am not entirely clear about why poetry and prose are descriptors under
both "content type" and "thematics".  It seems to me that they belong as
"content type" but is there a better reason for their inclusion as
"thematics" than  as a catch-all for all themes that don't fit into the
other thematic categories?

And, following on from this, does it make sense to add a thematic
category relating to spirituality/religion/meditation/contemplation (for
example  I have made several books that can be used to guide meditation
or focus contemplation, following in/transforming traditions of prayer
books and iconography- surely I am not the only book artist to utilise
unconventional book structures in this way).  Thematic categories are a
potentially bottomless well, so I'm also interested in where and why
parameters will be drawn.

Anyway, those are my first thoughts.  I hope my questions about
terminology aren't perceived as nitpicking. I think the essay is
wonderful and and I interpreted it as intended to provoke this kind of
discussion.   Thank you Joanna Drucker for raising these issues,
proposing the meta data scheme, and generally getting/keeping the ball

Ka kita ano (see you later)
Meliors Simms

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