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Re: [BKARTS] Critical Issues in The Bonefolder

Meliors Simms wrote:

> does it make sense to add a thematic category relating to
> spirituality/religion/meditation/contemplation
>  Thematic categories are a potentially bottomless well

That's right.

Johanna did a great job with this paper, in bringing up the issues,
clarifying her own interests and position, and suggesting further
discussion. Terminology, categories and the like are certainly part of
establishing nomenclature, which assists librarians, curators, and
collectors in cataloging works.  I am looking forward to further discussion
of this at the ARLIS Artists Book Conference, which has several sessions
addressing this.

Unfortunately I must miss the 10:45 session at Otis College on May 22,
"Session 4. Cataloging Artists' Books: What's the Problem?" because I am
teaching in NYC and will not arrive until the afternoon of the 22nd.

But unless the plane is delayed, I will be at the 2:00 session "Session 5.
Bound together: Building Common Vocabularies to Describe Artists' Books."


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