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Re: [BKARTS] Critical Issues in The Bonefolder

I was equally impressed with J.Drucker's piece in The Bonefolder when she
gave it at the Pyramid Atlantic Conference last fall - so much so that I
have built my sabbatical year (yeah) around researching contemporary
artists books in the area of religion/spirituality using the outline she
has set forth.

I am interested doing scholarship (and continuing my own studio work) that
examines the links both forward and back... our own fellow list members
who provide us with the delightful "Book of Days" each month would be a
good example of how a "sacred form" is being taken to another level.  Many
of the artists in the "Women of the Book" exhibit, also utilize sacred
texts for their contemporary works.

As I compile my lists, my biggest fear is that I am forgetting something
important.  As this is the end of the academic year and I have
administrative tasks to complete - I am not able to attend any conferences
this spring/summer.  But I would be grateful if you keep this project in
mind.  If you have books (your own or others) to suggest, I would love to
hear from you off-list.

Thank you in advance.

Leslie Fedorchuk
Dean of Liberal Studies
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
273 East Erie Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   53202


"A Good Day - is any day
  that you're alive"
             Paul Westerberg

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