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[BKARTS] book arts in Italy

Greetings List arts people,
I often read on here of people's suggestions for book arts related
activities to check out when they are in this city or that. I might
have asked this before I left (I just got back) but, what might you
guys suggest for book arts activities in Italy? I know of
Montefiascone, for instance. But I can't think of any others. I am
looking for institutions that might have programs in book arts (or
visual arts in general), one caveat is that I'm looking specifically
for Italian institutions.  This means not Studio Arts Center
International, or any of the other international schools you might find
in Florence for example. I don't know if this is quite the venue for a
question like this, not exactly a process or mechanics question, but if
you have any suggestions I'd be grateful.
Thanks in advance for your always knowledgeable responses!
Jesse Meyer

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