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Re: [BKARTS] book arts in Italy

On 05.05.2005, at 02:40, Jesse Meyer wrote:

Greetings List arts people,
I often read on here of people's suggestions for book arts related
activities to check out when they are in this city or that. I might
have asked this before I left (I just got back) but, what might you
guys suggest for book arts activities in Italy? I know of
Montefiascone, for instance. But I can't think of any others. I am
looking for institutions that might have programs in book arts (or
visual arts in general), one caveat is that I'm looking specifically
for Italian institutions.  This means not Studio Arts Center
International, or any of the other international schools you might find
in Florence for example. I don't know if this is quite the venue for a
question like this, not exactly a process or mechanics question, but if
you have any suggestions I'd be grateful.
Thanks in advance for your always knowledgeable responses!
Jesse Meyer

I'll de-lurk long enough to mention a few artist book related things in Italy:

Venice: Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia– an independent center for the Visual Arts with courses in printmaking, book arts, graphic and web design, painting and drawing and providing residencies in the visual arts. Italian institution.

“Libri Mai Mai Visti” (Books Never Ever Seen) – annual juried exhibition in Russi (near Ravenna) since 1995. Open to international submissions, catalogue each year, organized by the Vari Cervelli Associati (VACA) also with a collection of the winning books each year.
www.vaca.it (website in English, Italian and German)

Annual International Review of Artists’ Books - exhibition in Rome open to international submissions, sponsored by La Tana Spazio dal 1999, a non-profit organization, who’s purpose is the study, research and promotion of reviews and exhibitions about artists’ books, both national and international.
Collections & Other
The Contemporary Art Museum Luigi Pecciin Prato (near Florence) – a small collection of artists’ books dating from the 1960's, with many Italian artists’ books. Not a permanent exhibition, call for an appointment.
http://www.comune.prato.it/pecci/gener/eng/home e.htm

Tipoteka Italianain Cornuda (near Treviso) – excellent typography and printing press museum

Biblioteca Polettiin Modena (near Bologna) - artists’ books exhibitions, collection.

Galleria Martanoin Turin – artists’ books exhibitions.

Central National Library in Florence Fondo Bertini (Gabinetto Stampe)– collection.

MART,a new modern art museum in Trento - artists’ books in the Archivio di Nuova Scrittura.

The National Library in Romehas set up a small area for artists’ books exhibitions and houses a growing collection.

The Biblioteca Casanatense in Rome has artists' book shows and is collecting.
(Not the home site but is part of the library)

Hope some of this helps.
- Carrie Galbraith
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