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Re: [BKARTS] Boston Book Arts Studio Visit

I'll be glad to add you to my mailing list, Mary Jane but I only tend to use
it for really big events (and even then don't always get it sent). I seem to
spend about half my time (or less) making art and the other half (or more)
doing the emailing/ mailing/ writing/ scheduling/ packing/ shipping/
database/ website/ promotional/ stuff that I would like to avoid - and I
have a great assistant (who would also like to avoid it::-)

I'm sure others of you have solved the problem of achieving a sense of
balance in your lives while focusing your time on making art. How do you
manage it?

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> Date:    Fri, 6 May 2005 11:39:13 -0400
> From:    Mary Jane Bohlen <mjbohlen@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Boston Book Arts Studio Visit
> Dear Dorothy,
> I wish I still lived in Boston!!!
> Sounds like fun. Could you put me on an email list of events. I do come home
> to visit family at least twice a year and could plan my visit around an
> event if I had enough notice.
> Thank you.
> Mary Jane Bohlen

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