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[BKARTS] Book Fair Gossip

Dear all,

Book Fairs, those of you who have been to a Book Fair of some-sort -
especially those who have encountered an Artists' Book Book Fair - are
you able to describe what you think made the Book Fair (BF)

I am interested to find out the particular - and possibly unique -
qualities of a BF!

Was the BF successful because;
 - the fair happened to be crowded/uncrowded?
 - that there was a high percentage of books sold? 
 - the types of people? from a wide-range of professions? or a small
gathering of specialists?
 - that the entry fee low? 
 - guest speakers, makers?
 - you were able to see more than you anticipated?
 - free equipment or books?
 - the advent(s) were not sponsored or sponsorship details keep
discreet? (no huge banners)
 - efficient queing, planning strategy?
 - food and drinks? (!)
 - the activities of the Book Fair were on one day? over a weekend?
week (symposium) even?

Maybe a successful BF has only alot ot do with these things listed
above.  However, if you feel that the architectural setting (or
example, it was held in a castle or Alexandria Library :) had a lot to
do with the success please describe this too.

In your expeience what constitutes, not necessarily an ideal BF, but a
Book Fair that is succesful?  Or prehaps, while we are on the subject
a BF that successfully flopped..?


Feel free to dawdle from the above questions to include more specific
qualities of a Book Fair that you respect and dont forget to mention
names and places and such details too!

I will provide some or all of this requested inofrmation to my
students who are re-working a sample of a group project with
keywords"Booked Art Curated"..

I eagerly anticipate your comments on this list! 


Paul Bettinson

*please excuse all spelling mistakes - I know what it feels like when
you suddenly come across 'em - and poor grammar.  Also note: this
email is not about a Book Fair called "Gossip" :)

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