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Re: [BKARTS] Ibis's egrets alligators and rails

Thanks Robert:
Here is some background and my webpage is  included below. You can do a 
Google Search on me "The Pepper Bible".  Right  now I am working on Leviticus, I am 
writing it in a very plain 4th century  script with no decoration, in honor 
of my great grandfather who escaped   Germany. 
WFAA TV Channel 8 News ran this story on  Easter, March 27, 2005:  “Bible 
Calligrapher takes his time,” by John Pronk: 
An Epic Undertaking” By Kristen Holland in the March 16, 2005 Dallas Morning 
"Hand lettering of Bibles proves illuminating",  By Kristen Holland, which 
was first printed on April 14,  2001, and on December 29, 2004  
"James Pepper:  Still toiling, now with Pope's blessing" 
“It is given to  very few to undertake, or even contemplate, a labour of such 
Herculean  proportions.  It is given to fewer  still to complete it. What you 
have done represents an achievement, which, so  far as His Grace is aware, is 
quite without parallel in modern times.”  Letter from the Archbishop of York, 
25, January  2001 
”His Holiness prays  that your work will help you discover each day in the 
inspired writings of the  Old and New Testaments, “a support for faith, food for 
the soul, and a pure and  everlasting fount of spiritual life” (Dei Verbum 
21).  He invokes upon you Joy and peace in our  Lord Jesus Christ.” Vatican, 
March 26,  2002 
In  1987 I started writing the New Testament and I completed it in 1995.  In 
1997 George Carey the Archbishop of Canterbury sent to me a Bible to correct 
my text. I  copyrighted it at the millennium and I have it scanned at 300 DPI.  
I have started the Old Testament and I  have Ruth Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 
. In 2001 I started a new set of Gospels,  because after September 11th, I 
realized that I should actually make  a “Book of Kells”, to make a monumental 
Bible that will last for a millennium  and beyond. Something that would say to 
future generations, here I am, and how I  lived and how I honor God! 
And so I decided to write each chapter of the  Gospels in a different 
historical manuscript style; the work is my own, I am not  copying older manuscripts. 
  The Gospels of Luke is an insular Celtic manuscript where each chapter 
starts  with a full page illuminated Initial. And the Gospel of Saint John is a  
collection of French Manuscript styles inspired by my visit to the Kimbell  
Museum in Fort Worth last year for the Morgan Library's Painted Prayers  
Exhibition.  The Gospels are still  in progress although I have them almost completed. 
 I have over 160 illuminated pages, not  including the cross pages and the 
hundreds of illuminated verse initials with  515 pages in all. I expect over 200 
illuminations when I am completed.  All together I have about 1500 pages  
As for binding this, I was recently inspired by  the Exhibition in the 
Bridwell Library in Dallas at Southern Methodist  University wehre they have Marc 
Chagall's Bible on exhibition along  with Miro's biblical works as well as many 
french book bindings.  If you  can get to this exhibition I beleive it is 
still going.  The French really  know how to do it right! 
James G.  Pepper

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