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[BKARTS] Need Cave Paper Use Help

Hello All,

I want to use those gorgeous Cave papers for binding some books. I'm hoping
someone on the list has  wrapped covers with this paper and can offer some

I'm using the Red Walnut Cave Flax Heavyweight to cover a case bound book
using .082 binders board. The adhesive is 60/40 mix PVA/Metylcellulose.

Here's the problem. When I glue up the paper it cockles, ripples and just
goes wonky. Then it takes lots of pressure and rubbing to get it to stick to
the board, it just wants to keep bubbling and being all around obstinate.
Once it's stuck good to the board, it seems to be just fine.

So, how do I get this paper to settle down and take it like a man? I'd
experiment myself, but the paper is so expensive that I have little to
waste.  Anyone out there with experience binding with this paper?



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