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[BKARTS] book board in Sydney

Linda you can get bookboard from Will's Quills in Chatswood in Sydney.
It comes in sheets which are about A1 size.
It is a grey colour. I use this board all the time.
Wills Quills: 1/166 Victoria Ave, Chatswood |
Phone: 9411 2500 | Fax: 9419 6031|
Email     sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Kind regards,
Jeanette ...[Sydney]


Date:    Sun, 22 May 2005 20:23:42 +1000
From:    newbown <newbown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Chip board material query

Could anyone help me with an American (?) term which I am not familiar
with? An article I was reading in Belle Armoire explains how to make a
small bag out of 'chipboard'. In Australia chip board is a heavy composite
wood about 2 cm thick. I don't think this is what the article means. The
article calls for 70 lb chip board, which you then collage over. Can anyone
tell me what I can use in Australia that might be equivalent?

with thanks
in Oz.



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