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Re: [BKARTS] Emily Martin workshop- Secret Belgian

I took Emily's Secret Belgian workshop at the Center for Book Arts in New York a few years ago and was absolutely enchanted with the structure.  I use it obsessively now, and have adapted it to all sorts of materials, from twigs and tree bark to soft leather covers, and even to boxes.  I think of it as a three-strand weave, where pierced covers and a floating spine are the warp and the thread is the weft.  You catch the text block on certain strokes of the weft, and you can also add additional piercings as stations for weaving in different color threads or to vary the sewing pattern on the covers.

I don't have a web page, but this makes me think I might want to put one together, even if just to share these books with others who are as taken with the structure as I am.

Cara Schlesinger
Faenwyl Studio
Brooklyn and Youngsville, NY

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