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[BKARTS] Questions about choosing a leather conditioning product / darkening le ather

A friend of mine just acquired a set of the 1939 Nonesuch Shakespeare.  It's bound in a fairly light orange-tan Levant Morocco, which is pretty dry.  He usually uses either lanolin or a Talas product that combines lanolin and neatsfoot oil to condition leather, but these books are light enough that he's concerned about a) uneven darkening on a given book, especially in the joints, and b)uneven darkening across the set, which is now uniform in color.

I've searched the archive and found names of quite a few leather conditioning products (lanolin is not one of them).  Some of those postings addressed darkening, but not in any thorough way.  Does anyone on the list have experience with this?  Can anyone make some distinctions between these products and their recommended uses, their pros and cons, whys and why nots?  Here's the list:

Neatsfoot Oil
Backus leather binding polish
Renaissance wax polish

For what it's worth, these books are in New York City, which is neither overly humid nor overly dry, and they're stored behind glass in a barrister bookcase, away from direct light.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

Cara Schlesinger
Faenwyl Studio
Brooklyn and Youngsville, NY

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