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Re: [BKARTS] Persistent Nipping Press Question


It's "very" important that you leave an opening in the jaws (plates)
of your nipping press when it's not in use.

There must enough air circulating through it to allow it to breathe,
otherwise... OK, it's not April Fools day. - I'm sorry but I just
couldn't resist.

I would suppose that those who choose to close up a nipping press may
do it to help protect press boards that may be left inside the jaws.

Someone might possibly make a claim that the weight of the upper
suspended plate could cause the screw mechanism inside the yoke to
become stressed if the weight of that plate were not supported by the
bottom plate.

I couldn't really believe that very easily though, given the heft of
any nipping press I have ever seen.Theyn are all nearly
indestructible hunks of iron.

My bet is that it's just a housekeeping issue. If it's not, we've
been very bad boys at Campbell-Logan for a very long time.

Best regards, Gregor Campbell

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