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Re: [BKARTS] Persistent Nipping Press Question


OK, close the nipping press when not in use - but I would still be
flabbergasted if there is some structural reason to do so.

I read the comment about dust collecting? I forgot most of you guys
only press books occasionally in your "studios" while ours are often
loaded and unloaded two or three times a day.

Dust in a bindery is always a problem (even without the cats) but
being concerned about having it settle in the openings of our presses
is not something I loose much sleep over.

We operate with five large standing presses, 2 medium standing
presses, 2 bench presses and 5 nipping presses on one floor while on
the floor above there are 3, 3 and 4 respectively. Never, in six
decades, have we closed them up to rest them or to worry about
dusting the pressing plates. They still seem to work fine every day.

Don't forget to find some of that great Kansas City Bar-B-Que when you visit.


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