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Re: [BKARTS] Leather conditioning

Picking up on the home bookcase issue and fear of acid leach from the
wood--am I correct that you may be (inadvertently) suggesting that if we
line our bookshelves with a sheet of mylar(or glass, or Plexiglass
(TM)), that would provide a sufficient acid barrier?

Re barrister bookcases--I have a couple of these and never thought to
worry about leaving the doors closed because I never noticed a dampness
problem before (I live in central CT).  Should I simply keep the doors

Another type of bookcase I have is the kind that were made during the
1910s and 20s, which were equipped with curtain rods.  I assume the
advantage to this style is to keep light and dust from the
bindings--would fitting out bookcases in this manner have any
disadvantage?  (besides your neighbors thinking you are a little crazy,
that is.)

Cromwell CT

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