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Re: [BKARTS] Convivio Book of Days for June

Hello, John,

Thank you for the beautiful June 'Book of Days' entry!  I always
enjoy receiving them!

You have a terrific trip planned!  I'll add some things for you
to think about in Chicago.  Surely you have some of these
already on your list!

Travel safely and have a wonderful trip!

Best wishes,

Newberry Library  <http://www.newberry.org/newberryhome.html>
  Current exhibit:
They have a wonderful 'stash' of marbled papers, as well as
being an amazing museum of all wonderful historic and bookish

The current American Art exhibition is wonderful!  Several
paintings that haven't been on exhibit for a very long time!
<http://www.artic.edu/aic/exhibitions/toulouse.html> This is a
terrific exhibit that has just been in D.C. Opens July 16.

       <http://aikosart.com/> I hope that you have a chance to
experience Aiko's wonderful paper source!  They're north on
Clark.  Take a bus from the center of the City. It's south of
Wrigley Field about 5 or 6 blocks.  (Driving north on Clark
you'll find it on the right side of the street just before you
drive under the elevated rail tracks.)

If you come into the City and have a place to park, you may want
to use public transportation....much wiser for economic reasons,
etc.  You can get an excellent map of the entire transportation
system in several places, but you'll need to ask.  One place to
get it is in the information booth in the area where you BOARD
Metra trains in the Ogilvie Transportation Center (the Metra
train station).  It isn't in the Center itself, but in the area
where the tracks end and you walk out to board trains.

<http://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/exhibitions/> This museum is on
the wonderful University of Chicago campus...along with the
amazing Oriental Institute and the Rockefeller Chapel(Cathedral).


<http://www.bookandpaper.org/home.html>  Columbia College's
Center for the Book and Paper.

<ravinia.org> one of the Chicago area's outdoor music pavilions.

Millenium Park...music, sculpture, gardens, next door to the Art

John Cutrone wrote:

Hello Book Arts & Letterpress Folks:

Just slightly ahead of schedule, the June edition of the Convivio Book of
Days is now posted to the Convivio Bookworks website. Seth and I are about
to head out on our Big Midwestern Road Tour--which will take us to many
printerly and bookish places in Chicago, Iowa City, Kansas City, Saint
Louis, and even Nashville and Atlanta (not necessarily all Midwestern, but
all part of the loop when you're originating in Florida)--hence the early
publication of the June edition.

Begin at our home page:


And from there, click on "About Us" and find "Book of Days: June" in the
usual Book of Days place. Not one to rush anybody, I've left the May page
there, as well, and all pages from this ongoing experiment are available
anytime at the Convivio Book of Days Archive.

See you out there,

Convivio Bookworks John Cutrone & Seth Thompson, proprietors Lake Worth, Florida http://www.conviviobookworks.com

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