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[BKARTS] leather conditioning NEW

 I have an original "invention"/proposition in the seal/nourish/replenish series of suggestions:
                           I have taken the risk on several of my books which had red rot leather, to touch them up by gently applying pure aloe vera gel! This gave them some more body, strength, and some sheen. Thus far (about 4 years) they seem to have maintained the improvement with no ill results. 
    By the way aloe vera is also my secret facial skin protection in cold weather, as well as coating for the skin of these few books. It leaves a very thin coating. Sometimes I use commercially prepared (pure only--not mixed) Aloe Vera from the brand: "Fruit of the Earth" available near sunscreen in some drug stores, and online.  If any of you try aloe on pieces of scrap leather, let me know what you think!
       Thanks to you all for always sharing your knowledge with the list!
           Olivia Hibel, member since about 1998, way back

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