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Re: [BKARTS] Leather conditioning

>Perhaps all leather "dressings" are hydrophobic, as
>you say, but not all leather preservation treatments
>Ed,  bookrestoration.net

Ed, Ed, Ed,

While I appreciate that you may have ADD and may not have read
all the way through my posting Re: Leather Dressings all KNOWN
hydrophilic 'leather preservation treatments' are not suitable
to bound material.

They may be used in the restoration of leather-covered furniture,
and leather underware, etc., but such artifacts are no longer expected
to perform, as such....

No-one has yet said it quite as plain as I do now.  Trade secrets
are pure bullshit, except for the manner in which a tool in my hands
acts differently from the same tool in your (or another's) hands.

You may not believe that this is so, and that is your privilege, but
the rest of us know you for what you are.


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