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Re: [BKARTS] Leather conditioning

I appreciate your doubts and your support of the Loc.
However, They would have to admit that they can only
speak about the treatments they have examined. And, I
am sure that they would acknowledge the possibility of
their testing not being all inclusive.

I do not say that I have, a you put it, a "silver
bullet" These, I understand are reserved for killing
vampires." What I do have is a formula that works well
in treating dry rotted leather. I make no claim for
renewing strength, But, It does consolidate, protect
and give flexibility to leather that would otherwise
be considered a lost cause. I have not tried Marney's.
It may work well also. Anyone who has questions can
either buy some to test (money back guarantee) or take
a sour grapes approach. That's their choice. All I say
is, it works. Take it or leave it. It's really not
much of a concern to me if it is accepted or not.

Ed Stansell
--- Peter Verheyen <verheyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ed,
> Before this ends the way all other discussions on
> this topic have, I urge
> you to take a deep breath and several steps back.
> No responsible conservator is going to take your
> unsubstantiated claims at
> face value, and you have thus far held all your
> cards very close. Saying
> that LOC (and others) erred is really pushing it,
> especially given the
> amount of scientific, documented, and shared,
> research they have done.
> If you have a silver bullet, share the details.
> p.
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