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[BKARTS] Welcome to Book_Arts-L was Re: ...... books to be leather-treated

This all started off with a question on how to conserve/preserve some older
leather bound books... Lists can be interesting times, with threads going
of on tangents, and very seldomly snipping at each other. Topics range from
the "I'm making my first book" to questions of technique, announcements and
reports of workshops and exhibits and much more. I started this list 11
years ago, and it's been a great ride.


What was the focal point of this, originally?
Hello, I'm new to the book arts world and this is my first "list serv"
experience. Imagine!  I'm intrigued, is this what they are about?

I am an artist seeking inspiration in my new path to marrying words and
image and introducing myself to new materials and thinking.
 At a LA book arts conference, I scooped up cards, met people and asked for
internet groups to mire myself in. I sought out a book arts-related
opportunity to be a sponge, to soak up, to look, be inspired, learn and not
fear asking neophyte's questions.

No, not at all. Feel free to contribute as you feel appropriate. This is a very diverse and interesting group with much to share. To get a better sense of topics, check out the archive accessible from <http://www.philobiblon.com>. Here you'll also find links to a plethora of other book arts related resources, including other book arts related email lists.

Am I in the wrong place? I ask this honestly, as I said, I'm new.
And any advice on more appropriate groups for me would be greatly

Cheers and thank you,

Again, welcome to the list.

Listowner, Book_Arts-L


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
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