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Re: [BKARTS] ...... books to be leather-treated

Hi Ed,

Conservation concerns itself with long-term results.  A new product, if
its ingredients are known, can quickly establish itself as archival and
effective on the strength of the proven reputation of each of its
component parts.  A mystery substance, however, will have to prove
itself on its own merits over the course of several generations.
Careful conservators will never risk a valuable collection by using an
unproven product.

It may be that you have a very valuable product, but the time necessary
to test its long-term stability will make it useful only to a generation
of conservators a hundred years from now.  I hope you will reconsider
your decision not to disclose its chemistry.

T. A. Brown
Franconia, New Hampshire  USA

Edward Stansell wrote:


I don't believe that to be the case, that all
ingredients are divulged. Conservators use products
regularly without knowing the ingredients. Examples:
SC6000, Vulpex Soap, PVA, Book cleaning gels, etc.

Supposing, a treatment involving a single, known
ingredient were proposed. Would it not still be tested
to determine if it worked, And if it did work, how
well. and could it possibly be harmful?  That's all I
ask. Try it. Test it. Use it or forget it. I'm not
going to make the formula public domain. If you will
not give it a chance, it is of no consequence to me. I
have no need for anyone to purchase my product. I make
it for my own use. It matters little to me if you do
or do not have a way of consolidating or preserving
dry rotted leather; only if I do.

At one time I might have considered making the formula
known to anyone who asked, but I have gotten such a
rude reception from nearly everyone regarding it that
I would no longer entertain such a notion.

Ed   bookrestoration.net

--- Timothy Arthur Brown <t.a.brown@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Ed,

I'll have to agree with Bill. If the conservation
community is to
embrace this product as a viable solution for
leather treatment, the
chemical makeup of your formula will need to be
disclosed. Otherwise, no
one will be able to vouch for its suitability and

T. A. Brown
Franconia, New Hampshire USA

William Minter wrote:

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