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Re: [BKARTS] ...... books to be leather-treated

Welcome, Christina,
Well, mostly this is a very cordial and helpful list; I have learned a
great deal from it, and am mostly very happy with the experience. As
with any large group of people, however, particularly experts, sometimes
fairly normal discussions dissolve into spats, with plenty of colorful
hissing and scratching.

I encourage you to ask any question, however embarrassing it may feel
(though *please* do search the archives first -- they are a fantastic
resource), and simply delete the list messages that make you roll your eyes.

Have fun! The book arts are a blast, and a great form of self-expression.

Matthew Garelick

Christina wrote:


What was the focal point of this, originally?
Hello, I'm new to the book arts world and this is my first "list serv"
experience. Imagine!  I'm intrigued, is this what they are about?

I am an artist seeking inspiration in my new path to marrying words and
image and introducing myself to new materials and thinking.
At a LA book arts conference, I scooped up cards, met people and asked for
internet groups to mire myself in. I sought out a book arts-related
opportunity to be a sponge, to soak up, to look, be inspired, learn and not
fear asking neophyte's questions.

Am I in the wrong place? I ask this honestly, as I said, I'm new.
And any advice on more appropriate groups for me would be greatly

Cheers and thank you,

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