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[BKARTS] transparency

   One would hope that on the list we can observe the caution imposed by
responsible choice without trampling on anyone's patent rights.  There is a
difference between disclosing a formula and disclosing ingredients, but the
extent of disclosure is up to the maker/marketer.  I know that I would not
be able to use any product here without knowing either what was in it or
being able to point to reliable printed reports on it.  No single product
is universally applicable to all leathers from all periods in all
conditions, and whether or not one chooses to use it on a particular book
depends both on the composition of the dressing and the state of that
particular item.  I do not have lab resources available to me to do my own
testing.  Quite aside from immediate observable results, the question of
long term effects must be considered, and these can be difficult to
determine through artificial aging and other lab induced conditions under
the best of circumstances.  The need to research long term effects has
nothing to do with the honesty and personal integrity of the maker, who
cannot possibly be expected to know every detail about the future chemistry
of the product.  Neither should the customer's need to know about the
product be interpreted as an intent to defraud.
 Dorothy Africa

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