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Re: [BKARTS] ...... books to be leather-treated

The secret-formula premise makes sense to me (someone, it should be noted,
who does not work with leather).  The only consideration that I can think of
is that, in the case of something that is to be archival, unlike Pepsi or
Olay, there is the consideration of long-term "side effects" that can't be
known except in the long term.  (And I'm not saying that there would be in
this case, so please no law suits.)  So I guess maybe a very cautious person
would buy some of the product, use it on an expendable example, then wait a
while, or a very long while, to see what does or doesn't happen.

on 5/31/05 2:18 PM, Edward Stansell at craftbookbinding@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Bill,
> When Coca-Cola or Pepsi wants me to buy their product
> or
> Olay wants to sell one of its cosmetic products, they
> do not tell you the ingredients. If you want to know
> more about it, buy some. Test it. I have already said
> that it comes with a money back guarantee. If you
> don't like it, return the unused portion and your
> purchase price will be refunded. I don't believe I can
> do better than that, short of giving you the formula
> so you can make it yourself.
> Ed

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