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Re: [BKARTS] ...... books to be leather-treated

On May 31, 2005, at 3:07 PM, Edward Stansell wrote:

You were, likely
absent when manners were taught. If it gives you such
childish delight to throw verbal rocks, have at it. I
only pity the people who have to put up with you on a
daily basis.

I am shocked by your reply to me/us.
It was not my attempt to throw any verbal bricks at you. I simply feel
that in our small community of dedicated professionals that we need to
be honest with one another about the products that we are trying to
sell to each other. None of us is Coca-Cola or any other mass market
enterprise where the bottom-line is the almighty dollar, and next
year's projected sales.
We have a responsibility to do our best with the materials that are
available to us. We (hopefully, I speak for all book conservators) do
not use products that simply claim they are the best. We want to know
if a product meets certain criteria before we use it --- in this case,
a leather dressing for either an old rare book, or for a modern leather
binding that needs a little touch-up. I/We certainly do not want to use
anything that could cause damage to a book, now or in the future.

I do not have the luxury of time nor examples of leather bindings to
test, just to see if a product works -- I'm in private business just as
you are. In other cases, I trust the manufacturer to an extent, but I
also rely upon our libraries and larger institutions who can test
products for us and make recommendations.
While those same institutions have said that oiling is bad, I have
continued to apply, on occasion,  a small amount of lanolin and
neatsfoot oil, and remove any excess immediately. I would not however,
attempt to use some of the other products that are available simply
because the manufacturer says that it is good product that comes "with
a money back guarantee".

It is not my desire to know your "secret" formulation so that I can
make my own. I simply want to have an understanding of the product that
I am using. Just as I want to know something about the type of paper,
leather or adhesive, etc that I am using  --- all of which have been
tested in some way at some time.
Another leather treatment product, CELLUGEL, is widely sold, and is
known to be Klucel-G in isopropyl alcohol --- there is no secret and
many of us buy the product because it is ready to use, convenient and
available from numerous suppliers. Klucel-G was tested many years ago
and found to be a good product.
At the same time, there have been cases where a product was tested and
accepted by the book community, only to be discounted a few years later
after further investigation.

Our bottom-line is to understand the products and materials that we use
with some assurance that we have done our work responsibly.

I do hope that you will share your product with an independent concern
so that it can be tested. I know, and have experienced the difficulties
of getting things tested --- it is now easy. But, your product should
be examined and there are ways to do it.
Good Luck,
Bill Minter

William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
4364 Woodbury Pike
Woodbury, PA  16695
Fax:   814-793-4045
Email:    wminter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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