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Re: [BKARTS] ...... books to be leather-treated

Every time Ed Stansell has tried to sell and then defend his leather
restorer, we end up in one of these pointless, ***ing contests.
Recently, Ed left the Bookbinding List in high dudgeon in a dispute
with the listowner over his marketing style in an ad for the same
product, which he featured at the end of each of his posts.

The product Ed has developed may well be perfectly fine, BUT he will
share no details. There have been no tests, no evaluations, no proofs
offered, only his say-so.  Nor does Ed plan to seek such testing or
industrial evaluations for his product.  He only wants to "share",
i.e.,sell it.  Using this forum to do so is irritating and not
particularly welcomed by the many responsible members of this list, who
work daily on items of cultural heritage.  Furthermore, any discussion
of this product or this topic always degenerates into name-calling and
irritating reiteration of the same ol' stuff.

This is definitely a "buyer beware" situation, regardless of any
"guarantees" of refunds, etc.  I think this disclaimer needs to be
posted every time this topic comes up, since new members regularly sign

 I am "up to here" with these pointless discussions over Ed Stansell's
"miracle" leather restorer.

Can we let it go now?

Carol Pratt
Eugene, OR

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