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[BKARTS] Decorum, manners, civility and sale announcements.

Can we PLEASE move on from the current snipping, backbiting, trading
insults, ... While discussions of divergent opinions regarding technique,
materials, etc. are an essential part of learning and exchanging
information, personal insults are not, and will no longer be tolerated. I
don't know why, but it seems that we are becoming a bit more uncivil here,
and that's too bad. While this list has by and large been very civil, it is
still a microcosm of our society, with all the underlying tensions that
exist. It's ok to disagree, even vehemently, but keep it professional and
civil. At the same time, let's try not to take things too personally or get
too indignant, and maybe develop thicker skins. I can't do 24/7  monitoring
as was suggested by some in messages to me, I just don't have the time or
inclination, nor do I really feel that it's needed. I will however not
hesitate to take action when I feel that it is warrented. This can include
screening on an individual basis and outright banishing.

Selling - I have always encouraged the posting of announcements of relevant
items for sale. These can include binding supplies, kits, books,
textblocks, ... If it's book arts related it's ok. However, if claims are
going to be made, the vendor should be willing to back those up.

Theoretically, Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) are required by law for
any products that can be used in the workplace. These will usually provide
plenty of clues as to what is in something. To take it to an extreme, we
(at Syracuse University) are even required to provide them for wheat starch
(inhalation danger) and acrylic paints. Seems silly on the surface and
sometimes very hard to find, but makes sense.

Alright, enough for today on this. Let's all be civil to each other.

Peter Verheyen
Listowner, Book_Arts-L

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