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Re: [BKARTS] Whitewash

Hi Ginger!
A solution of just slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) in water is
commonly called lime wash. Assuming that it is applied to an
absorbent surface in not too thick a coat I don't think that you need
to add a binder. It will act as a deacidification and buffering agent
as the calcium hydroxide (the lime) converts to calcium carbonate
(chalk) on exposure to carbon dioxide in the air.  This is a solution
commonly used for deacidification when controlled for pH and
exposure. The chalk crystals which will develop on the paper surface
from a thicker solution do have an attractive luster and will absorb
paint and ink in an interesting way.
What else besides lime and water is in the whitewash paint? Recipes I
have seen call for a variety of additives including kerosene (!) and
table salt; sodium chloride is always a bad idea on paper. If your
recipe does call for salt substitute calcium chloride as being kinder
to the paper.
There should be no problem if you limit your paint mix to lime, chalk
(this adds body to the paint), and water with perhaps some PVA  as a
binder if you want some real impasto.
Please be very careful handling the powdered lime and chalk (mix the
paint outdoors and a face mask is a must!).  You probably know that
the paint doesn't keep and so must be made fresh for each use.
Best to you, James

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