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[BKARTS] About those Red, Green & Blue books:::Lost addresses

A couple of months ago I posted a notice about hundreds and hundreds of old
books I had for sale cheap. These were mostly early 20th Century books of
fiction by women authors.

I sold a bunch to various members on the list, and was preparing the second
batch for shipment when I had a computer crash and lost the addresses of the
folks who wanted more books. I remember a fellow named Ron (I think) in
Oregon who wanted a box of misc., and a woman named Julia who wanted a
second box of red books. If you still want them, please send me an email
with your shipping address.

And if anyone else is interested, and remembers the original posting, please
get in touch. I still have a few boxes left of blue books, green books and
red. The "pretty" books are al gone for the most part.

Thanks, and I apologize to those folks who wondered why I never sent those
books off.

Chris Stern
Stern & Faye, Printers
37607 Cape Horn Road
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98294

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