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[BKARTS] "New" Castle Work


A rare, two-sided drawing by Idaho artist and bookmaker James Castle
has been loaned by Castle's nephew, Bob Beach, for the traveling
exhibition "James Castle: Icehouse Unto Early Attic, Books and Art."
The exhibit was organized by the Idaho Center for the Book, which is
housed at Boise State University.

The soot-and-saliva drawings were created with a stick or twig pen and
are on both sides of a flattened matchbox carton. According to exhibit
curator and Castle biographer Tom Trusky, the drawing shows Castle's
Garden Valley ranch house porch on one side and the icehouse, the
artist's refuge and secret studio, on the other.

"It's typical of the artist's clever approach to subject
matter," Trusky says. "He positions himself at one end of the
porch and draws it with the icehouse in the distance. Then he moves 180
degrees and draws the icehouse with the ranch house porch in the

Therarework, which is approximately 5 by 7 inches, was loaned by Beach
to the Idaho Center for the Book in appreciation for the center's
Castle exhibit. Beach is generally regarded as the person who first
appreciated Castle's works as art and helped draw attention to them in
the 1950s. Beach recently traveled from his home in Oregon to view the
exhibit with his family.

James Castle was an autistic, self-taught artist and bookmaker. He was
born in Garden Valley in 1899 and was thought to be deaf, mute,
illiterate and mentally challenged. He produced thousands of drawings
and illustrations during his life, using tools that he fashioned
himself. He died in Boise in 1977.


Contact: Tom Trusky, English Department,
Media Contact: Julie Hahn, University Relations, (208) 426-5540,
Online: http://news.boisestate.edu
Photos: http://news.boisestate.edu

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